New pubblication: Zarlino’s duets for melodic instruments

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    Gianluca Barbaro

    Hi all,
    I have just published a collection of 12 renaissance duets from Italian author Gioseffo Zarlino. These duets where adapted to modern melodic instruments and for each of them you will find:

    Original facsimile
    Modern Notation
    Modern Adaptations in C, Bb, Eb and Bass clef.
    Zarlino's Duets for melodic instruments

    The modern adaptation was made with the melodica in mind: almost all the ranges of the 12 duets are already within the limits of a standard 32-keys melodica, I had to make a very few octave transpositions when needed.

    You can play these duets with another melodica or, thanks to the Bb, Eb and bass clef versions, with many different instruments: recorders, flutes, saxes, clarinets, cellos, etc.

    Here you can download a few sample pages

    This is the official page on my website

    And this is the link to the page (you might have to switch to your local amazon page to order).


    Alan Brinton

    Congratulations on your latest, gl!

    Daren Banarsë

    How about recording a series of youtube videos to go with this? It could work to promote the book, and you could link to the book from the videos?

    Gianluca Barbaro

    Thank you Alan!

    Daren, that’s definitely something I am going to do. The idea is to record duets between melodica (or recorder) and other modern instruments…
    I have already tried to involve Suzuki in this project, without success :/ I would love to use a W37, which I think would be perfect for this kind of music, but so far I haven’t been able to have a feedback from them.
    Maybe they’re watching this forum or some of the members have a direct contact with them?


    Alan Brinton

    That’s a great idea.

    I now have Zarlino’s “Duets for melodic instruments” in hand. It’s a lovely edition with generous full sized (8X11″) sheets for the music stand, suitable for spiral binding at your local copy center or office supply store if that’s desired.

    Jerry Ballard

    Just received my copy. We’ll try it out for Accordina/Violin and report back.

    Gianluca Barbaro

    Thank you Alan, thank you Jerry.
    Let me know if there’s something to adjust/modify.


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