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    Hi friends!
    My name is Javier and I´m from Spain.
    I play guitar since I was young and I play violin as hobbyist.
    I bought a Hohner Superforce a few months ago as I wanted to try this instrument and I love rock and black color 😀 I read the forums a lot before buying, and I knew your advise is against modern Hohners but I just wanted to try so I dind´t want to spend too much just in case… But I felt in love with melodica!!
    A few days ago I found something great at a friend´s recently closed musical instruments store… A Hohner Cassotto 26 Made in Germany brand new!! Never played!! It had been there for years! maybe 15? 20 years?? He didn´t know. He gave me the melodica as a gift.
    So different sound! Superforce sounds like a toy compared to the Cassotto!! So warm, melodic and sweet!! I love it so I am a bit happier now 😀
    I decided to become a member as I hope to learn and practice more with my ´new´ Hohner.
    Here is a picture, I will post more on the ´Vintage Melodicas´ thread.
    Hohner Cassotto


    Welcome Javier , that sounds like a lovely instrument , I like the vintage looking colour of the white keys.
    I’ve also been playing guitar for years and took up Melodica about 2 years ago.Ive never played a keyboard before so taken quite a bit of practice to get chords and scales. ( still learning and developing )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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