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    I bought couple weeks ago my first Melodica the Hohner Melodica Alto (25 Keys).
    I really love the sound of it but I want to get another with 37 Keys that will have a similar sound.

    from all the youtube clips and reviews I heard the difference between the modals is becoming more obvious.
    the suzuki sound more like a harmonica and the Yamaha is something else,
    the new Hohner Modals sound different and not to my taste…the sound I’m looking for is of the old Hohner Modals.

    so I believe it leaves me with seeking Vintage Honer like the Melodica Piano 36 which I loved.

    can you recommend me on other modals as well ?

    I will eventually play a bit of Jazz with it, mostly Melodies maybe some chords for stuff I’ll record at home.
    I don’t want to spend too much, but the ones that are in My Budget range like the Suzuki 37C doesn’t
    have the sound that I’m Looking for and the Yamaha P-37D is nice but not soft and warm enough to my taste.

    Looking forward to hear from your experience, I read a lot here and I’m learning a lot.


    Alan Brinton

    Hello, Asaf. I don’t think you will find any 36 or 37 key melodica that has a sound like the original alto 25.

    There are a lot of Piano 36 models around and at lower prices than they were a few years ago. I can sell you a Piano 36 in good playing condition at a reasonable price. Shipping would be more reasonable if you are in North America. You can find my email address in my Profile. Contact me if you’re interested.

    I would say that the Piano 36 has a somewhat softer and warmer tone than the Yamaha and Suzuki, but it’s not like the alto 25 or other small vintage Hohners. The Hohner Professional 36 would be even better, but it’s hard to find one in good playing condition, and the price for that is likely to be $500 or more. The Professional is also harder to play. It takes more air.

    The Suzuki A-34C has a somewhat mellower sound than the M-37C. There are also some other older vintage models such as the Clavietta whose sound you might like. But a Clavietta in good playing condition is hard to find and will be very expensive.


    thanks a lot Alan, I’ve sent an Email.


    Asaf ,in my experience, Yamaha sound softer than Hohner. In addition, Many of instruments demonstrators do not own for real   sound production, and we hear often in a varying degree distorted sound.


    Thank you Jazzman1945 for the reply,
    I got a Piano 36 from Alan and waiting for our slow local mail to deliver it to me.
    after proper music theory learning I will practice a lot for a year and only then will check other models to explore this great Musical Instrument.

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