Need help to buy melodica.

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    Hello , guys. I’m 19 , italian .
    My grandfather left me some money and told me “go to buy an icecream.” BUT I DON’T LIKE ICECREAMS.
    So , i decided to play and to buy a professional melodica because i tried basic wooden melodica and i felt in love.
    I have € 700. My plan is to buy a melodion like Hammond 44HP or BB , but i hope to find something hand made or not so known …because i always wanna search differents sound experiences. In fact , i would connect my melodion with pedals. I am searching about wide range effects (i’ve thinked to multi effects pedal) beacause i don’t wanna have limitations on playng this instrument in many situations like jazz duo , electroinc music , psychedelic and stoner sound and my progressive music. Pedals are out of my 700 euro. But i can only spend 100 – 200 euro . Pls help me porc di.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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