Naked recording of melodica in the blues

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    Howdy Melodicans,

    Just for demonstration purposes, here is a rehearsal recording of my band playing a blues song last week; specifically, Big Boss Man, made popular by Jimmy Reed in 1960 and written by Luther Dixon and Al Smith. Jimmy Reed’s songs (he wrote most of his own songs but not this one) work well with the melodica and as play-a-longs. Nearly all his songs are on YouTube.

    I call this recording naked because the melodica is fully acoustic, the vocals are fully acoustic, and the guitar is fully acoustic. The Fender Jazz bass is amplified for obvious reasons. We just stood around my pocket recorder and played.

    So nothing earth shattering here in terms of performance or recording technology, but just the simple application of a keyboard harmonica to the blues for demonstration purposes. I believe I was playing a Hohner Cassotto 27 on this rendition. My favorite melodica for the blues is now the Hohner Piano 26.

    This was about the fifth time we ever played this song together.

    Click Here to Listen.


    Lowboy Bootay

    Alan Brinton

    Great melodica sound.



    This is very VERY impressing! Sometimes your sound comes so close to a harp that the difference is barely audible, and sometimes it sounds like an organ or like a melodica or like an instrument that you have developed and that is different from each other instrument that I know. You have my deepest admiration.

    Greetings, Quetscher


    The dynamic is on point, sir.

    Dee Cook

    Nicely done. Subtle, and great blend – hard to pull off no matter what instrument you’re playing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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