My Past, Present and Future with the melodicas

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    Bruno Travi


    After 3 years in the world of melodicas I want to make a summary of my experience.
    Thanks to the advice and guidance of many people of this web (thanks Daren, Oscar and Alan “WikiMelodipedia”) passed through my hands many melodicas:

    Suzuki PRO-44HP (Hammond 44 Hyper)
    Suzuki PRO-44H (Hammond 44)
    Suzuki PRO-37v2
    Suzuki M-37C Plus
    Suzuki M-37C
    Suzuki MP-4S (mouthpieces)

    Yamaha P-32D
    Yamaha P-37D
    Yamaha P-37E


    Borel Clavietta
    Borel Clavietta (black version)

    Hohner Professional 36
    Hohner Professional 36 (with plastic parts)
    Hohner Piano 36
    Hohner Piano 32
    Hohner Casotto 32
    Hohner Student 32
    Hohner Student 36
    Hohner Organa (for an adaptation experiment)

    With all of them I have experienced, compare, recorded, processed (EQ, compressor, etc), played live, and each one has a unique color and personality…


    But after three years I have reduced my arsenal to only three melodicas:
    Yamaha P-37E
    Suzuki PRO-37v2
    Borel Clavietta


    First: The Sound:
    Because each of them gives me a color of sound that I want, from the sweetness of the Yamaha to the hardness of the Suzuki and of course the inimitable sound of the Clavietta.
    Also, with the processing in the mix I can find with these three the sound I’m looking for.

    Second: The Comfort
    Modern melodicas have better construction and by them better key mechanism.
    In addition, the maximum number of keys is 37 (maybe 32 or 34)


    My wishes for the next 3 years (dreaming is free!)

    Suzuki PRO-37MIX (Hammond 37 MIX),
    With the option to change and mix the sounds (muted, open, etc) like the Vibrandoneon and maximum 37 keys.

    Yamaha P-37X,
    With connection of amplification with the quality of Yamaha and MIDI-USB with breath control sensor.

    Hohner Professional Deluxe 36
    Total redesign and made of wood and with individual reeds in the Trossingen, where accordions are still being built.


    To finish the videos that I fell in love with this instrument:

    MelodicaWorld – 13 MELODICAS comparison review

    Mario Dueñas – My Funny Valentine

    Monsters of Melodica, Oscar Verdugo – Spain

    Monsters of Melodica, Oscar Verdugo – Mr PC

    Alan Brinton

    It’s heart warming to read your synopsis of where you have been and are going with the melodica, Bruno. It is always a pleasure to hear from you, and also usually enlightening. Your playing has inspired me. And I’m grateful for your giving me the opportunity to have my Bohema, which is a real prize. Carry on!


    Amazing Bruno! Our top choice of melodicas are similar – I favour the Yamaha P37D for its tone, stability and expressiveness, and will always have a soft spot for the haunting/sweet sound of the Clavietta.

    Alan Brinton

    I’m surprised that the Pro-37 made it as one of your keepers, Bruno, after all those lovely melodicas you have owned. Is it the one you use to keep your neighbors awake at night?

    Bruno Travi


    Point 1
    The first time I tested the Suzuki Pro-37v2 (with the white tube) 3 years ago, I noticed the famous resonance detail with the bass notes, but this year I bought another one (with the black tube) I think that recently built and did not have that detail in the sound.

    Point 2
    In the same way this “new” Suzuki Pro-37v2 has an increase of middle-high frequencies which gives too much presence to the sound (my neighbors know it) But ! when recording, it allows me to equalize by reducing frequencies and find the sound I am looking for. This would not result with other melodicas, for example the M-37C, because it would have to increase frequencies and perhaps it would not appear what I’m looking for.
    In summary, with melodicas the subtractive EQ is more efficient.

    Point 3
    The sound of the Hammond pleases me more but 44 keys seems a lot to me for a melodica.
    Hopefully the Hammond PRO-37MIX will appear, a mix of the 44 standard and the 44 Hyper.

    Alan Brinton

    I get it, Bruno.

    Put me on the list of buyers for any 37 (or 32?) key Hammond!


    Me too, but I’d like a 34 key!

    André Sant’Anna

    Is there a sound difference (timbre) between Clavietta and the Clavietta black version? Can any other difference be noticed besides the color?

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