My MIDI Melodica Project

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    Francis Valerio

    Hello to everybody! I have found my old melodica [Hohner Student 32] (it was first too) and I have decided convert to it in an MIDI Melodica with an Arduino microcontroller, a HC-06 Bluetooth shield and maybe incorporate a batterie for the power. The idea is use it like a “silent Melodica” or why not in live performances.

    I understand that this is a topic that many times have been discussed on this forum, but I don’t find any electric schematic or some so.

    My principal problem is the space inside the Melodica. It’s very small! I have seen too an project of MIDI Melodica that use an Vintage Hohner Soprano Melodica but this person change the melodica’s case, but I don’t have idea that it.

    Somebody has many idea for help me?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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