Melodicas ramblings and other Electronic Wind Driven instruments

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    Hello All, I am really enjoying my suzuki37 pro v3. I really like the low effort needed to make a nice sound,I was lucky to afford this model and feel very satisfied with the purchase.
    Earlier I had compared a m37 suzuki with a yamaha 37 and I really preferred the keys on the suzuki, maybe I am wrong or had a bad instrument but I really felt the suzuki was better.
    I don’t want to make war over this, I would like to hear other opinions comparing the 2 melodicas.

    About the Electronic Wind Instruments, I had seen an Akai evi, very costly and many voice, the good is that it has the shape of a clarinet with a speaker at the end of the horn,
    I don’t anyone that owns one but I am very curious about how they play, as you may know they sample air flow from your breath and have many voices.
    I don’t think I’d ever buy one, but I’d like to hear from anyone who has played one.
    I really think that the natural tone of the melodica is its best asset, multiple voices would just me too much,
    Lastly a true musician can pick up a simple instrument and make it sound fantastic.

    Pál Krammer

    My only experience is with the Yamaha P-32D and P-37D and although the keys respond quickly, for me the keys are slightly narrower than what I’m used to on a keyboard. This makes playing fast passages a bit of a challenge for me. I suppose I’ll eventually get used to this, but I also play a 61-key Yamaha keyboard with normal sized keys.

    I suspect most melodicas have narrow keys.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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