Melodica sound improvment?

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    I bought cheaply(5.7€) used melodica. I think that this melodica is
    not played much. Its in tune very well for human ear. Not 100% tune, but in tune. How I know? I controlled with tuner. think that this is typical yamaha or suzuki melodian, because there is no labels
    on it. Seller didn’t have mouthpieces. I didn’t know that until I made bid.
    I bought it because I win the auction in alternative to ebay).

    I was thinking can I buy better reds and mouthpiece for it ?
    I don’t like that melodica tonality. So I was thinking to build new
    housing to improve the tone. I like Augustus Pablo music very much.

    Maybe I can get something form hardwear store?
    10mm birch plywood is not great. Still better than that awfull plastic.
    Too wet wood is also bad. I think I can get spruce from hardwear store. ‘
    Birch is bad because it playes with weather easily.
    I hate that there is not better way to tune it. Because this way can only be tuned few times.

    I was planning to make holes for enclosure. Right finish helps also protect from moisture.
    Thats way I can’t use birch more than plywood. Maybe wood is not great idea. This is my only and first melodica.

    Anyone any suggestions? Pictures are there


    Picture of my old melodica
    old melodica Even Sheet metal sounds better than plastic.

    Alan Brinton

    I see the pictures on your link, Jantan. This is not a Suzuki or a Yamaha. It is an inexpensive Asian melodica, probably made in China. It is not worth the cost or effort to try to replace the reeds or build a new casing. If you don’t like the tone and don’t like the casing, you should try getting another melodica. Look at the reviews on this site, and you will see what some of us think about different models. But if this melodica is in tune and you don’t like the sound, you may not like the sound you get from any melodica. Some melodicas have a better sound than others, but I have never heard an in-tune melodica that has a really bad sound. Even the cheapest melodica, if it is not badly out of tune, can produce a pleasing sound for those who like to play this instrument. As for the casing: all the best Hohner, Suzuki and Yamaha melodicas have a plastic casing. A wood casing is pretty, but it’s not something to worry about if you are just starting to play the melodica. Some of us have been disappointed in the best known wooden melodica, the Mylodica. It is very pretty, but in my opinion it is awkward to hold and does not have a better sound than my Suzukis or Yamahas.

    My guess is that your melodica has an acceptable sound and should be adequate as a first melodica. I would play it without a mouthpiece. The sound is just as good without a mouthpiece, if not better. In my opinion, blowing directly into the end of the melodica provides the most pleasurable experience. And it encourages you to play without looking at the keyboard.


    I don’t wanna mess up some great melodica.
    Sound is not bad. Tonality is bad.
    I was thking to experiment can I make tonality better inexpensive way.
    Sorry plastic is not great. Even harmonicas is not fully made of plastic.
    Mylodica is best sounding when people first play it.
    Mylodica biggest problem is too closed casing. No holes. Moisture stayis in.
    Maybe I can get something already made and modify it for melodica housing.
    Aluminum squear tubing problem is that I can only assemble with sheet metal screws.
    If I’m going to build new housing
    2.Spruce and 3mm plywood.
    3.Sheet metal and plywood.

    From china I’m thking worse for something like that. If its made in china then they have suprised me.
    Keys are good. Sounding is not bad. Only problem is tonality. There are even holes and button for moisture.
    In 70’s-90’s some factorys made great quality unlicensed copys of musical instruments. some were even better than licensed ones.


    Hi Jantan

    I’m just wondering what you mean by ‘sound’ and ‘tonality’? Could you explain the difference so I can understand more?

    I used to have a Mylodica (before the wood warped), and I can say that the wooden casing didn’t seem to have much effect on the sound.

    I think it would be very difficult finding replacement reeds for your melodica. Often buying a set of reeds for a melodica can be the same price as buying a new complete instrument. Maybe think about buying a secondhand Yamaha or Suzuki, both of which are quite highly rated.

    I’m all for experimenting though – it would be great to see some images of what you make. I imagine wood would be easier to work with than metal, and could look quite nice.


    Many frequencies are bad sounding. Listen plastic drum and real wood drum. Then listen wood drum with plastic head and with drum head made out of animal skin. Listen plastic ukulele and wood ukulele. Then I thking that you get what I mean.

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