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    AvatarTatu Salmela

    I was thinking of building a simple microphone system using a couple of electret condenser cartridges. I have seen this made in accordion mics, I have repaired a couple of Sounder Forte mic systems (made by a finnish accordion technician in the 80’s), which are small and mounted under the grille. Anybody have any experience in melodica mic system? The Hammond Melodion uses a dynamic cartridge. Anyone opened one of these?

    When using electrets, the main disadvantage is the need for power. Phantom-power thru XLR perhaps? A battery would surely corrode in a moist environment such as the melodica. Still, a passive mic system would seem preferable in in-mount applications. I’m planning to build a stand for my small keyboards (Korg Microsampler, Yamaha Reface CP and Casiotone MT-65) and could build a “tray” on the top, made of plywood, encasing the bottom of the melodica. This could also bring some acoustic amplification. There would be space for the mics, wiring (a preamp perhaps? some eq?) and the moisture would not be a problem.

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    I’ve used a couple of AKG 516ML’s on my vibrandoneon in the past. They attach very easily, one on either end of the keyboard, and plug into a phantom power unit worn on my belt. The sound’s quite good, as the mics are on goosenecks, a bit away from the instrument.

    AKG 516ML melodica microphone

    I think I was using them here, though I can’t quite see clearly enough from the photo…

    vibrandoneon on stage


    That is an amazing pic!

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    Yes, it was a gig in Germany about 10 years ago. We got to wear some interesting clothes!


    Awesome picture Daren. Tatu, I have used and have recommended the Myers pick for a while now (see website below) It works great on my Vibrandoneon, Hohner Professional and Solist melodicas. It is an external pick up with a miniature goose neck. I run my Meyers pick up from my melodica to a pedal board to a Fender Delux Reverb tube amp as a norm. But also run several other types of amps with this pick up with positive results. speak to Greg Meyers and let him know what your application is and I am sure he can suggest the right pick up for you. It is small like you button harmonica. Uses small flat batteries and it comes with a built in volume control with no special installation required. Mention to Greg about a low Impedance converter as well for line boost. You mentioned using an accordion pick up, you are correct about the corrosion as I have tried one before. I had a little phasing issue around 7k (cancelation/drop) because where I had attached the pick up to the Vibrandoneon. Once I installed a small piece of foam to the body and separated the pick ups farther apart from each other on the foam the phasing issue was gone but the sound of the Vibrandoneon changed to my dislike. This may not be the same issue with the button harmonica. I would be concerned about placing your mouth on a metal mouth piece with a high impedance signal and moisture.
    I hope this helps
    Thank you

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