Melodica making and Lessons learned

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    So now that I have finished the Diamante Wind Vox series, I have started designing my new Melodica and I would like to share a few items that will help in the new design. In the three melodicas made, certain parts were modified and improved by trial and error. The one that made the most impact was modifying the port size of each valve cylinder bored. By doing this, I was able to balance the volume across the keyboard. Also, by stepping the lower notes closer to the face of the silicone washer face I reduced reed chocking. When playing the Diamante Wind Vox #001 “KOA” I need to reduce wind pressure slightly when I get to the last 5 lower notes as I can tend to make the reeds buss and choke. This was modified in #002 “Crystal” by placing a wall and modify an opening a little at a time to allow the perfect amount of air flow. This modification was again improved by adding a 2nd and 3rd wall in the mid and high keys on the #003 “Jaguar”. Another modification made from the #001 to #002 was that of changing the silicone gasket installation from the main plate that was 3/16″ wide to the air chamber that was 1 1/2″ wide, this created a much better seal. I then replaced #001 to have the same installation. for # 003 I increased the thickness of the silicone gasket again improving the seal and as before, I went back to #001 and #002 and replaced those. Another modification that made a great I improvement from #001 to #002 was to remove the silicone reed gasket that was used to make reed removal and replacement quick and easy and to wax the reeds in. The use of the silicone gasket worked well but in time the reeds cut into the gasket material and created a very small air leak. Waxing the reeds in was improved again by waxing the seat and then waxing the ends of the reeds prior to setting the reeds and then waxing again around the reed. The hot wax would melt the seat and end wax and make a tighter seal. One improvement that I was not able to make on #001 that was made on #002 and #003 was that of replacing the silicone washer valve to the prior design that did not allow for the silicone washer holder unless I was to change all the KOA keys, No going there LOL. My new design will incorporate many of these improvements. What the new design will not use is one main plate that all is connected too, but a modular air chamber, an all wooded body of which I still have not made a final decision on the wood selection. I will be using a spare set of Binci single reeds that we’re designed for the Vibrandoneon. In the past I have had custom pickups made for the Diamante melodicas, but for this one I may consider a non-built-in pickup but an exterior type for this design, I am not 100% sure on this and I will share my reason why as my design moves forward.
    I hope to share more information as I move forward.
    The Diamante Wind Vox Series

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