Melodica (Keyboard Harmonica) Blues Recording

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    Here is a recording of two simultaneous melodica solos over a blues backing track. The second track was made without listening to the first track. I made this recording very quickly and only spent about 20 minutes mixing and mastering. Details are included beneath the link and on the Soundcloud page.

    I recorded two takes of a keyboard harmonica solo over a great blues backing track that you can find online by searching on “slow blues backing track.”

    I was not listening to the first take when I made the second take.

    I was not intending to play the tracks back together. But by accident, I started to listen to one of the tracks not realizing both faders were up. When I realized what happened, I continued listening, and it turned out both tracks were complimentary to each other. So, I left them both in the final mix.

    The keyboard harmonica was a Hohner piano HM-32 with medium 3:1 compression and the high-end frequencies rolled way back. I ran the signal through a Vox C10 tube amp and recorded the amp using a stereo mic.


    Lowboy Bootay

    Alan Brinton

    That sounds pretty good. I think I hear some dub influence in there. I generally try playing along with your samples seeing to what extent I can approximate your sounds with a bare naked melodica. With this, my Suzuki MA-32 “Super II” gets me part way there. It bends notes pretty well.


    That a great groove Lowboy. The HM-32 mixed with the Bootay-WAH is a one of a kind sound.


    That’s lovely, your best recording yet in my opinion!

    Frances Demoretcky

    I’ve been away for quite a while and am catching up on stuff. Love this recording. Just so cool, thanks Lowboy.


    Thanks Frances. Hopefully some more will be coming soon.



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