KC P3001-32K (Kyoritsu Corporation) from Japan

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    Alan Brinton

    If you search for pianica, melodica, or keyboard harmonica on Rakuten or in eBay, you will find not only the excellent Yamaha P32D but also the Yamaha P3001-32K, the KC P3001-32K, and the Kyoritsu P3001-32K. The KC and the Kyoritsu are available in multiple colors. These three show the same picture, varying only in color. All three ship from Japan and vary in price from about $25 to $75+, with shipping at about $35-50. I ordered a black KC P3001-32K from Chuya-Online through Rakuten, and it arrived this morning. I have ordered from Chuya before, and they are a good vendor. KC is Kyoritsu Corporation, as indicated on the box. The P3001-32K is nothing like the Yamaha P32D. It’s a cheaply made melodica, more like a Suzuki STUDY-32 or a Hohner 32B than like a Yamaha Pianica. It has a Yamaha style mouthpiece that fits the Yamaha (very tightly). My first impression is that the P3001-32K is not too bad for an entry level melodica. The tuning is surprisingly good; key action is also good. The P3000-32K is available in a nice black color scheme. It also sounds pretty good and is fairly loud. It’s easy to bend notes on. I think it’s better than the Suzuki STUDY-32 and Hohner 32B.

    If you could get the P3001-32K for $35 or less, it would be a good melodica in its price range. But ordered from Japan, it’s too expensive, and it definitely should not be confused with the far, far superior Yamaha P32D. I ordered it thinking I might be getting a black P32D at a reasonable price. I would strongly advise against buying what is advertised as a Yamaha P3001-32K; my money would be on its not actually being a Yamaha.

    Kyoritsu Corporation is a maker of electrical instruments.

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    I’ve had good luck with chuya-online rakuten as well


    I recently repaired this model of kyoritsu which one of my student brought. That has same inside structure to Hohner 32, or Stagg-32key ones (the position of screw is also same), so they share similar tendency in their sound characters. I guess that is a copy of Horner’s if it is not original? although the quality of reeds looks better than them — it was rust proofed. Actually the kyoritsu is not so commonly used maker in Japan, but still good instrument considering the price as Alan mentioned.


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    Alan Brinton

    Can you hum the melody for us?


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