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    Hi all!

    Just picked up my first melodica a couple of days ago to give it a try. I’ve been a guitar player for quite a while, and am looking forward to expanding my repertoire of instruments.

    The melodica brand is Ranger USA, has 37 keys, doesn’t have a model name and I can’t find anything about it on the web, except for a photo. Contrary to the brand name suggestion, I’m pretty sure it is not made in the USA.

    Does anyone know anything about this melodica? Its the one and only melodica I’ve ever played (and have access to), so I am interested in how its sound and capabilities compare to others. It sounds pretty good to me, but its seems to me to need quite a bit of air to get it going. Is this standard? Will the reeds soften up with time?

    Also, I am interested in playing chords and melody at the same time, but it seems difficult (with my instrument at least). 3 note chords sound fine but it takes a lot of air to get the melody to sound and the melody does not stand out. Gonna spend some time on it, but it seems I will be limited to either chords or melody but not both at the same time. My question is: is this standard for the melodica or should I be able to do both with a good quality (or any) melodica?

    Thanks for having me on the forum guys!


    Hi Bzean123,
    Welcome to the forum!
    I’m not familiar with the Ranger at all. Probably not made in the USA.
    I don’t think any ever have been?

    there’s been some discussion here about airflow.
    It’s not a matter of the reeds softening.
    I think what you are experiencing is that the air chamber in your melodica is probably large and it takes time to fill it up before the reeds will sound. when you play chords it lets more air escape.
    Some brands of melodica have a smaller air chamber and will sound faster and be easier to play chords on.
    You really won’t be able to have a melody note stand out the way you may be used to on the guitar.
    The air in a melodica hits all the reeds at the same time.


    Hi Bzean123!

    Also, check that the melodica is airtight. This means that no air is escaping through tiny gaps around the air chamber. You can do this by blowing through the mouthpiece without pressing any keys. If it’s airtight, you won’t be able to blow – your breath will encounter complete resistance. If there is a leak, you’ll be able to blow a small amount of air into the instrument.


    OK, thanks for the info guys! I do believe the melodica is airtight, I do not sense any leakage. I’ll be having some fun with this. Been checking out some of the videos around….seems there are some real virtuosos out there! I have something to work towards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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