i need help with my new hammond 44 Hyper

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    Hi everyone, I just received a hammond 44 Hyper and I end up with certain note that does not always correctly (at the level of note or note clarity). Sometimes I have to breathe a little harder so that some note is clear and sometimes a little weaker to avoid changes in the pitch. For a new instrument, does it seem normal to you? what do you recommend to me dear musicians? Note that I have the hammond 44 and he did not do that to me at the beginning of where my worry while knowing that I know that the hyper is different. I also have a pro 37 and a Hohner airboard 37 (for information). I look forward to your wise answers! sorry for my english i’m french people.


    Bonjour Frédéric,
    Je ne suis pas certain de bien comprendre votre problème. Vous avez de la difficulté à jouer certaines notes? Pourriez-vous me réexpliquer votre problème? Au plaisir de vous aider.

    P.S. For those who don’t speak French, I asked him to reexplain me his issue. French is my first langage too.

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    If one note isn’t working properly, I’d advise sending the instrument back for a refund or replacement, rather than attempting any fixes


    Bonsoir Olivier,

    Merci pour ta réponse.

    je viens de recevoir mon mélodica Hammond 44 Hyper et je me rends compte qu’il y à 3 notes (LA# grave, LA# medium, Si medium) qui “pitch”(augmente la hauteur de la note légèrement) en fonction de l’intensité du souffle dans l’instrument. Quand je souffle normalement le LA# medium et le Si medium semble accordées un peu bas (hauteur de note un peu plus basse que la normale) et dès que je souffle légèrement plus fort et que je tiens cette nouvelle intensité (au niveau du souffle) ça augmente la hauteur de la note et là semble bien accordé. Par contre, pour le LA# grave, quand je souffle normalement (une intensité moyenne) la note semble bien accordée mais lorsque j’augmente l’intensité de mon souffle ça semble “pitché” (augmenté légèrement la hauteur de la note). Je ne sais pas si c’est normal, si il faut un peu de temps pour que les lames travaillent….bref, le hammond 44 que j’ai également ne m’a pas fait cela d’où mon inquiétude.

    in english:

    Good evening Olivier,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I just received my melody Hammond 44 Hyper and I realize that there are 3 notes (LA # grave, LA # medium, Si medium) which “pitch” (increases the height of the note slightly) depending on the intensity of the breath in the instrument. When I normally blows the LA # medium and Si medium seems tuned a little low (note height a little lower than normal) and as soon as I blow slightly stronger and I hold this new intensity (at the level of the breath) it increases the height of the note and there seems well tuned. On the other hand, for the LA # serious, when I blow normally (a medium intensity) the note seems well tuned but when I increase the intensity of my breath it seems “pitched” (slightly increased the pitch of the note). I do not know if it’s normal, if it takes a little time for the blades to work …. in short, the hammond 44 that I also did not do that to me where my concern.


    Good evening Daren,
    thank you for your answer. I think very seriously to follow your advice. But first, I want to be sure that it’s not due to the fact that it takes a break-in time for the melodica blades.


    Je comprends tes inquiétudes. Moi aussi je croyais avoir des problèmes avec mon Suzuki M37C. Quand je soufflais fort, certaines notes restaient bloquées. Lorsque je soufflais normalement, les notes refonctionnaient. Dans mon cas, je pense que je soufflais un peu trop fort. J’ai réussi à reproduire le problème sur mes autres mélodicas. Je te conseillerais de jouer avec un peu plus longtemps et si ça persiste et que ça te dérange je l’enverrais en réparation.
    English: I understand your concerns. Few weaks ago I thought my Suzuki M37C had a problem. Certain notes were blocked when I blew louder into the melodica. However, when I blew normally, everything was working correctly. I was avaible to reproduce the bug with my other melodicas so I figured out I might have blown too loud. I would recommendou to keep playing with it and if you continue to have this problem and it perturbs your playing, I would suggest you to send it in repair as well.


    Merci Olivier pour ta réponse et ton retour d’experience que je prends en considération dans ma réflexion concernant mon hammond 44 hyper. Encore merci beaucoup.

    in english :

    Thank you Olivier for your answer and your experience feedback that I take into consideration in my reflection on my hammond 44 hyper. Again, thank you very much.

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