How to give tube a new look

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    Em Saintduloup


    I want to give the tube on my melodica a new (less medical) look. Anyone experience with this and/or tips?

    I normally play with the short mouthpiece for crisp articulation, but I’m going to perform a piece playing piano & melodica @ the same time.


    You could order a spare tube for a Hammond 44 – they look quite nice. Though you’d probably have to make some adaptions for it fit your particular melodica.

    Would it have to be flexible? If you don’t mind keeping it in one position, you could cover it with pretty much anything!

    Edmond Nogat

    I don’t like the music but I do like the look of this melodica :

    A rigid tube with saxophone shape looks great. Perhaps an PVC electric pipe could be done like this.

    Em Saintduloup

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    As the melodica (Suzuki M32) rests on the grand piano, I need a flexibel tube. The Hammond tube looks a lot better indeed.

    If I ‘ll find something usefull, I shall post it here.

    Steven Morris

    There should be flexible tubing available at most hardware stores– it’s usually clear but I’ve seen clear/pink ones as well. They come in various sizes and are sold by length. So you could theoretically rig up a very long tube.

    I had a tube like that and found that condensation build-up was a little too visible to be as aesthetically pleasing as the opaque white tubing that comes with most melodicas.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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