How do I deal with criticism? (“It’s a children’s toy”)

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    Antigone P

    I have recently been wanting to get myself a melodica but some relatives of mine suggested that the Melodica is sounding annoying and is also a toy for children. I fully believe the opposite but this comment hurt me a little. How should I cope with this comment and other future comments?


    You can’t get away from the melodica being perceived as a toy by some, because they’re used by so many children, and come in a selection of bright colours!

    Remember the harmonica (mouth organ) was initially a toy, which crossed over as musicians started taking it more seriously. So see yourself as a pioneer. An early adopter. It’s what you are.

    Personally I don’t mind what people think. What really matters to me is what it sounds like. Like any instrument, if you put in the practice, it can sound beautiful. Just think what a violin sounds like played be a beginner. Most people are only used to hearing beginners on melodica.

    Play them something great from YouTube!

    Antigone P

    Thank you for your view, Daren!

    I do believe that I am a pioneer just like you said, and will simply do my own thing from now no matter what the “haters” say. I am aware that the melodica can sound brilliant and that depending on how you play it, and personally I wouldn’t be discouraged to play the melodica simply because some people told me that it’s humiliating.

    I’ll just keep it up 🙂

    Henry Lowengard

    You can point to this melodica playlist I made!


    Don’t let anyone rain on your parade, Keep playing and enjoy the progress. I’ve never had that sort of
    criticism, maybe its coming from a younger person who has no appreciation of personal made music.
    Just play, the skills you gain in my opinion are indelible, I mean to say that any skills you gain are rarely forgotten.
    Maybe you need to find a more isolated place to play, a tunnel, a park, A hill top,don’t stop!


    Hi Antigone,

    Show or tell critics about the Hammond melodicas that cost $650 dollars.

    Point to professional musicians such as John Medeski, Jack DeJohnette, and Jon Batiste and many others who have or are playing the melodica at a supreme level of musicianship.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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