hohner student32 or airboard32

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    hey guys!
    What do you think.hohner student32 or airboard32 ؟!

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    The Hohner Student 32 is a very undistinguished melodica. The Hohners are now all made in China. Hohner has basically chosen the route of maximizing profit through cheap production in China and mass marketing, with an emphasis on cosmetics (flashy color schemes, dorky mouthpieces, and buzzy model names). Some of our members have complained that the more expensive current models don’t sound much different from the cheaper Student or Instructor 32. I am speaking only of current models; the old Hohners were all better.

    I know some people will strongly disagree with this assessment, but you asked! If you look under Articles at the top of this page, you’ll find one on buying a melodica. The listing there is not one man’s assessment; it is based on reviews of melodica models by members of Melodica World.

    AvatarShannon M

    IMO there are better choices available. If you are not averse to vintage, the Hohner piano 36 is a screaming deal on Ebay. Some very nice used instruments can be had for $60-80, and they are far superior to the instruments you mention. If buying new, I think the Suzuki’s and Yamaha’s are much better instruments for your money. I have a Hohner Performer 37 and it is not bad, but the others I mentioned are better.

    Just my $0.000002



    I have to agree with Alan and Shannon. I own an Airboard (Rasta 32, it looks nice) and a Superforce 37 (love the all black design) and I tried several of the other new Hohner melodicas – they all sound pretty much the same nowadays. Bright and harsh (as opposed to warm and mellow). The keys feel awkward and on my Airboard and Superforce don’t allow very soft playing. I don’t regret that I bought them, but that’s the way I am, I love having lots of different melodicas to screw around with. I can’t recommend the new Hohners if you want to buy one instrument only – in that case better look for a vintage model or buy a Suzuki.


    Hani, the only new Hohner Melodica I own is the Superforce, I did have an opportunity to try the Airboard at Guitar Center here in CA. The first thing I noticed was how bad the action was on the Airboard, very sluggish with a very slow response. I do not think that the Superforce and the Airboard are the same beast as the Superforce had a better and quicker response. Tone is better on the Superforce IMO. I alway make the point that you should not buy an expensive melodica until you play a melodica for a while. This will give you time to hear other melodicas that may appeal to you better. If it is your first melodica try the student 32 it’s less than the Airboard and move up to a Yamaha or Suzuki. Many here are happy to give their input on almost any melodica out there.
    Monsters of Melodica


    I think the Suzukis for “kids” (MX27 etc) are better than the Hohners, and not expensive. Well made and easy to play.

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    I think that even the cheapest Suzuki, the Study 32, is pretty good and superior to the Hohner Student 32. A visitor from another planet might think that some of us are Suzuki fans. Well, Suzuki and Yamaha.

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