Hohner Silvertone made in Italy?

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    Alan, I noticed one thing about these reeds, they are tapered just like the Hammond Hyper. Do they produce a crisp or bright sound? Since you have opened many melodicas, Have you seen other reeds that are tapered? maybe Suzuki?

    Alan Brinton

    Sorry I missed this earlier. The Suzuki B-24 has tapered reeds, probably the same as the Hammond 24. The Suzuki Pro-37v2 has tapered reeds. No other Suzukis or Yamahas that I have examined have them, including the Suzuki M-37C. I gave my Pro-37v2 away because I liked the M-37C better. Fortunately, I did make (though didn’t record) comparisons. The M-37C has a very bright, edgy sound that I do not like as well as the slightly mellower M-32C and is very loud. The sound of the Pro-37v2 was even brighter and edgier, harsh and ringy to my ear.

    I’m not sure why when I posted photos of the M-37C earlier, I didn’t take some of the reeds, but I just took some, which I’ll now post.

    martin maurer

    Hello Alan and Adam,

    did you succeed in repairing that Silvertone of Adam ?
    If not – I could do it. I own the following Silvertone, with single bronze-reeds, which I repaired successfully:


    It is identical with Adams, only other mouth piece, and lesser notes…

    On my opinion, the green seal is a good solution for easy reopening and reclosing the instrument – it is not glued, but may SEEM and appear glued by dried moisture…When closing the instrument, the central block must be moved and forced towards the top, because there is the second joint of the mouthpiece channel. This joint (grey, 3mm thick) needs some pressure whilst tightening the bottom brass screws, for air tightness. While repairing and tuning my Orgamonica, I had to open and recluse it many times…and it is still tight !

    The sound is similar to ordinary melodicas with 12 brass reeds octave plates – but stronger I guess.
    (I will add a mp3 to my site)

    Best regards from

    Daren Banarsë

    Hi Martin, and welcome to Melodica World. I bought my first Clavietta from you many years ago!

    Wow, you’ve fully restored one? It would be great to hear what it sounds like. Or how about a mini video? There’s been a lot of debate about the benefits of accordion-style reeds over harmonica-style reeds recently. Well done for putting in the effort!

    Alan Brinton

    I’m interested to hear more, Martin. I have too many projects underway to get to the Silvertone anytime soon. I am willing to give it to someone who is willing to fix it, though.


    Hello Martin, I had a question for you regarding reeds for the Vibrandoneon. I am looking for a C5, have you been able to get these. I would love to get a set of reeds but I hear a set is very expensive.
    Monsters of Melodica

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