Hohner Professional 36 on the bay of e, looks like they are increasing in value!

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    AvatarAdam Tombs

    Hi there folks,

    There is a professional for sale on ebay located in NY, US of A. They are starting bidding at $US249 (over $AU300!)
    item number 400835428774

    The pictures show it to be in beautiful condition, however the seller states that the high E is not working. They say that the reed needs to be replaced , but from the way they have formed the description, I am wondering if there may be a less drastic way in which to get it working. The seller has not opened it up to inspect the internals, it would appear.

    This could be a good way to get hold of a pro 36 with only minor repairs needed, provided the suspect reed in question is intact.

    I am tempted but the price is almost three times what I paid for mine


    I’m thinking if we don’t buy at higher prices, maybe the prices will stop going up


    A seemingly near mint condition Hohner Piano 36, an old one with the white lettering, sold on Ebay for about $32 to $38 a few days ago. Can’t remember the exact price, but it was in the $30 range. That was a great deal. I wish I threw in a bid for $50 or $60. Who knows, I might have won the auction.

    I think the auction pricing often depends who happens to be looking for a specific model at the time one is up for sale.


    AvatarAdam Tombs

    Yes that is probably correct Lowboy. It is rare to see a Pro 36 come up for auction though. Even damaged examples go for over $US300. Piano 36’s are much more plentiful it would seem…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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