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    MARK Issadore

    Hi What type of metal file would you recommend for reed tuning?
    Would a nail file be ok?
    I have a Hohner piano 36 that sounds good but the keys are very noisy, almost to the point where the melodica is almost unplayable.
    Is there a fix for this that is not too involved?


    I have a set of mini files, but never found them to be that effective for reed tuning. But I recently bought a new file which is really good – its the SWISS SAW FILE DOUBLE EXTRA SLIM TAPER 125mm. Its for filing handsaws. Not sure how easy it is to get them around the world, but there’s probably equivalents at around the £10 price.

    You could try the nail file first? It might have quite a lot to do with the shape of the whole file, and how easy it is to single out individual reeds. I don’t have a Piano 36 unfortunately, so not sure about the noise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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