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    Looks like there are now v2’s of the 44H and 44HP.
    So far, the 44Hv2 feels/plays the same as the 44H. According to the seller (Liberty Bellows in Philadelphia), only the accessories are different.
    – The new gig bag is the same one that comes with the Suzuki PRO-37v3, but with a Hammond logo.
    – The metal mouthpiece has been replaced with a floppy plastic tube.
    I’m very disappointed over the mouthpiece change. Here’s hoping that Suzuki continues to sell the metal ones separately.

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    Thats a shame, so overall its a step down?

    AvatarAntonio Freixas

    I just bought this. It’s a step up for me. Wonderful action, smooth sound.

    I don’t have the 44H. The literature says that the 44H has three mouthpieces. The 44Hv2 has two of those, so it seems that one was dropped and not substituted. The same floppy tube should have come with the 44H.

    I have no complaints. And Liberty Bellows had an amazing price.


    I guess I forgot that the original 44H came with the plastic tube. 🙂

    The v2 gig bag is definitely an upgrade, but yeah, I’ll be missing the metal mouthpiece.

    AvatarAntonio Freixas

    Hey, I just looked at mine: Serial number 00052!

    You know you can buy the mouthpieces, right? I’m not sure where you are, but here’s Suzuki’s European web site page for mouthpieces: http://www.suzukimusic.co.uk/products/melodion/accessories.html

    The MP-161 is pricey, but then, the 44Hv2 price I paid was low enough to more than make up the difference. Plus, it’s probably for sale somewhere on eBay. Finally, if you have a 44H, can’t you just use the mouthpiece from that?


    Yep, I ordered a MP-161 the same day I ordered the 44Hv2. I just think it’s unfortunate that they’re no longer included.

    Practically, I think the metal mouthpiece is a very useful option, and I want players to have that option out of the box. I learned that metal mouthpieces were even a thing only because my instrument came with one, but others will no longer have that benefit.

    Aesthetically, I think the metal mouthpiece gives the instrument a greater degree of dignity, while the floppy (to me, clownish) mouthpiece diminishes its dignity, and contributes to the perception of the melodica as a toy. The inclusion of the metal mouthpiece contributed greatly to my positive first impression of the 44, and it’s a bummer that others won’t get to experience that.

    AvatarAndré Sant’Anna

    I’m wondering if the pickup sound system has improved over the previous model. Did it?

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