Hammond Pro 44H mic problem

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    Joanna Funk

    Hi, I need help with my Hammond Pro 44H mic.

    (I read the post “Hammond H44 Pro mic impedance” but it’s too advanced for me. If I’ve duplicated a question, please direct me to the relevant post to read.

    I have very basic equipment.
    For recording – PreSonus Audiobox USB 96
    Rhythm – Boss DR-3
    Amp – Roland keyboard amp KC-150 (discontinued)

    When I first got my 44H melodica, I played it through my keyboard amp, and it worked, it was loud. (I know MM talks about tones, but I’m not there yet. Loud is good enough.)

    When I connected the melodica directly to the PreSonus Audiobox and played it, the melodica track (recorded on StudioOne software) was very quiet compared with the track of my digital piano.

    So I played the melodica through the keyboard amp, and the Line Out went to the AudioBox, and the melodica track was nice and loud. That’s how I did “Georgia On My Mind” last week.

    Yesterday, with the same setup, I played my melodica, but there was no amplification, and the recording software showed no signal of melodica sound. I checked volume levels, changed channels, result was the same.

    So I connected my digital piano to the amp to test the amp. a) The piano sound was loud, but b) no line out signal to recording software. (Usually I connect the piano directly to the AudioBox to record, not via the amp.)

    Lastly, I connected melodica directly to Audiobox, and when I played, the software showed no signal of melodica sound, not even a soft sound.

    So it looks like:
    1) the amp line out has stopped working
    2) the melodica mic might not be working?

    I don’t know if the two things are related. I can’t believe my melodica could damage an amp, could it? I mean, it doesn’t even have a power source. I suppose I could have damaged my melodica mic ???

    I will go to my favourite music shop tomorrow, and ask them to plug the melodica into an amp to test if the mic is working. If it isn’t, what do I do?

    If it is working, I need something to amplify it? Pedals are mentioned a lot. Can you recommend something simple, which would amplify the melodica well (good quality sound, effects not necessary yet) and enable it to be recorded.

    The piano and DR3 can go directly to the AudioBox to record. I’d like the melodica to do that too.

    The amp line out fault can wait.

    Apologies for this very non-technical language. I hope it’s clear enough to prompt advice from you. Thanks in advance. Joanna

    Joanna Funk

    Thanks MM! I went to the music shop – my cables are faulty, and the melodica is fine!!! ? Phew!

    I bought a new cable. The guys told me I should plug straight into the PreSonus box and turn up the signal, before buying a pedal.

    One day I’ll get a pedal, because I like the idea now. But I’d like to graduate up to it, so let’s see how far I can get without one. Am relieved and happy. Must record again soon.


    Hi Joanna, glad to hear it is not the instrument. The Hammond 44 has an inherently low output, this has been discussed many times here, especially when using special effect pedals. As you mentioned, you were able to get more gain when you use the signal out of your amplifier to your recording unit, this is the same as D.I. pedal. Also when the boost pedal is connected from the melodica to the amplifier, you will notice a substantial volume increase. If you ever do decide to get a boost pedal, make sure it is a “Clean Boost Pedal” and not a drive pedal, very different.

    Joanna Funk

    So relieved Melodica-Me! if I decide to purchase a pedal, I will check with you first, for sure! TQ. Happy!!


    Hi Joanna, I am glad you can use your Hyper with your setup.
    It took me a while to figure out my setup. Something that helps me when I need a boost is an inline transformer I got from Gregg Myers.
    He sold me a transformer which now makes it so I can hear the melodica through different amps and pedals without cranking everything up and getting tons of feedback.
    The inline transformer is a 600 Ohm to 5Kohm impedance matching transformer. It is in 2 parts, a XLR male to 1/4 mono female adaptor, and a XRL female to 1/4 male line matching transformer. The first XLR male part says low impedance along the side.
    Gregg has been consistently helpful.
    When I use my audiobox, I don’t need the transformer.
    I have found the Zoom stomp pedal – MS 50G – to be a fun, cheap pedal. I am a beginner, and it has many settings that aren’t too hard to figure out. You can make your own effects to match your melodica and playing style. And use it without the transformer.

    Joanna Funk

    Hi Barb, thank you for your advice and encouragement. I’m sure I will be venturing into the world of pedals and boosters one day.

    It’s true that everything is working now that I have good cables, but I do have to turn the levels up on my Audiobox when recording a melodica track.

    I’ll plough on for now and will certainly refer back to all the excellent advice here when the next purchase happens…

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