Hammond 44 or 44HP

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    Hamad Rajab

    Hi guys,

    i’m currently thinking of buying the Hammond 44 or 44hp, currently i’m using the Suzuki M-37C and want to buy a new melodica for better recording and that sounds less like a harmonica and more like an accordion or a brass instrument. could you please share some of your experience. i need it for my first album



    Hello Hamad, I own both the 44 and the 44HP for the sound that you are looking for I would probably say that the 44 HP would be your best bet. Check out the Monsters of Melodica video “Giant Steps” or “Spain” we feature the Hammond 44HP on these recordings. For a darker tone listen the video “Sugar” in the Solo portion, we features the Hammond 44 on that one. I like them both equal.


    Hi Hamad,

    If you’re looking for a tone very similar to an accordion, you’d need a melodica with accordion style reeds. Unfortunately there aren’t any being made (apart from personal projects) at the moment. But if you have the budget, maybe look out for a secondhand Vibrandoneon, which can definitely be describes as both brassy and accordion like.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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