great Musician that made me start playing melodica

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    Hi !

    Just wanted to recommend you guys about the Musician that made me start playing melodica
    his name is Sebastiaan Cornelissen and he’s a Drummer that plays in the Band Tristan and his solo albums
    are mostly Jazz-Rock.
    when I got the first album in which he started playing the melodica I didn’t like it,
    but then he posted this Video and the sound of the melodica made me go and Buy one.

    here is the video :

    but he plays on the melodica on other tracks as well

    like here from another album :

    talked to him on Facebook (he’s one of the nicest people ever),
    and he told me he uses a cheap Stagg Melodica and he has another one By Hohner (forget to ask which model)
    and he plans to buy more in the future.

    he only plays the Melodica on his last 3 solo albums and mostly on the last 2
    (Spirit vs. Origin and Recorderman).
    but go and check his other stuff I own a lot of his albums and Love them.

    you can listen to the albums on Bandcamp :

    from the 2nd track he starts with the melodica

    and his latest :

    Ralph Nepomuceno

    I dig his music, Asaf!!!


    Hi Ralph!

    I’m glad you liked it, you can check him out on Facebook and tell him.

    Ralph Nepomuceno

    Will do, man 🙂


    Hi Ralph,

    Check this out :

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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