Give your melodica a bath!

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    Dez Bone


    I bought a vintage hohner piano 26 and it smells a bit funky, is it ok to give it a bath? I ask as the original post says not to bath a 37


    Michael W.

    Hi Dez,

    quite recently I cleaned up an older Hohner Cassotto 26.
    It was in good condition but with a musty smell and with squeaky and clunky keys.
    I disassembled it and bathed all parts a few minutes in warm water with some dish liquid. After that I rinsed it with pure warm water and led all parts dried over night.
    After that I lubricate the valve shafts with a bit Vaseline and reassembled the instrument.

    After that it nearly feels like new, no squeaky and much less clunky keys, also the smell is nearly gone.



    Alan Brinton

    A liberal sprinkling of the wet melodica internals with baking soda left to sit for a couple of hours and then very thoroughly rinsed will pretty well eradicate any lingering odors.

    Dez Bone

    Cheers Alan

    I’m a bit worried about taking it apart as I don’t want to risk breaking anything


    A three to one (or 2-1) mix of water and common distilled (unflavored) vinegar is the usual solution for washing the melodica,

    I threw the two parts in my kitchen sink with about 50/50 mix of warm water and vinegar, and a touch of dish soap. They were in the water for about 30 minutes

    Actually i followed some advices here and it didn’t turn too well for my Hohner26 painting .. i guess my white vinegar 6% was not a good choice ahah. But the smell dissapeared for good, and it’s still functional. Any hints for bathing my second melodica? (same model)


    Anton Tokman

    Yesterday I’ve cleaned my Suzuki M-32C. I’d take it apart piece by piece. I’m afraid the water is not useful to the key springs and the felt pad under the keyboard.
    I used dishwashing liquid. And in addition I applied medical alcohol for reed plates.
    Since the melodion was disassembled, I also tuned the reeds.


    Good work Anton, I find the springs and felt tend to dry ok…

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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