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    There are 8 melodica players in western North Carolina who get together regularly to rehearse, and are working towards becoming a performing group. We are talking about having a weekend gathering late summer, or in the fall, and wonder if there are others in the area who would like to be involved. We are also looking for people who could teach us different kinds of techniques and styles of playing melodicas. (We have folk, classical and celtic backgrounds; are interested in blues, reggae, jazz, rock, SE Asian, anything and everything…). We have been inspired by everyone who contributes to MelodicaWorld, and think it would be great to have real time discussions and demonstrations.

    It is a beautiful part of the country, and there is a possibility of renting cabins at an artist retreat area that has a central kitchen – Eat, Drink, Play! We couldn’t pay for teacher’s travel, but could provide room and board. We are hoping it could become a yearly event, with a budget to pay for teachers/leaders, and maybe invite beginners as well.
    Anyone out there interested?

    Alan Brinton

    Sounds like a great idea, beezer. Let us know how it goes.

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