Flexible Ergonomic Melodica Mouthpiece?

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    Alan Brinton

    Thanks, B. I’ll have a high level of interest in what you are able to do with this.



    So I am liking the Great Highland Bagpipe mouthpiece. It is very comfortable and flows air really well. I have been having jaw and clenching problems since I started my obsession with the keyboard harmonica. I clench on round hard mouthpieces (and they don’t feel right), and am always working my jaw to hold tubing in my mouth without crushing it or losing it. The bagpipe mouthpiece is just right said Goldilocks. Here is what I did with it:

    Bagpipe Mouthpiece

    I have only used it for five minutes, so I will have a more complete impression of its performance after a few weeks. But, what a difference having a comfortable mouthpiece makes. This one has some heft and that feels good. It helps the mouthpiece stay put in your mouth when breathing or taking a short break from blowing. I will probably order another one. If they were less expensive, I would order several as I normally play five or six keyboard harmonicas during rehearsal and performances.

    More than ever, this experience has got me motivated to get into a brass/woodwind shop and see if I can easily hook up a nice reed mouthpiece to see what crazy results I will get from that. Lowboy


    That looks interesting, Lowboy. Not at all like the pictures on the site.

    How did/do you get it to stay that shape? It looks from, unlike the pics/descriptions I’ve seen.


    Hi Binyomin,

    I cut off the tube of the bagpipe mouthpiece and pushed the black Hohner tubing into the tubing of the bagpipe mouthpiece. Perfect fit, no leaks. The black tubing supplied with old Hohners will thermoset to shape if you heat it with a hair dryer and quench it in cold water. Regards, Lowboy

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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