Drying Hohner Student 32

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    Hi Friends!

    I’m sorry for such a question, but have anyone valuable hints on removing condensate from Hohner Student 32? I tried to ask at Music-StackExchange, but currently there is no response.


    Hi Rodion

    There should be a button at the end of the melodica. Press the button while blowing hard several times through the melodica, and this should remove any excess condensation.


    Hi Daren!

    Thanks for your response. Verily, there is a button (and a small hole next to it), but pressing it and blowing hard through the instrument does yield either little or no condensation. If instead I detach mouthpiece and shake the melodica several times – significant amount of water could be removed through the mouthpiece socket. The main trouble is that after such operation it looks like humidity redistributes inside and some keys “clog” when played for first few notes… 🙁

    I have no idea whether this is normal…

    Alan Brinton

    Hello, Rodion. When the venting button is depressed and you blow through the melodica, how much resistance is there? It varies a lot between different brands and models. The more freely air vents through, the easier it is to expel moisture. I have a Hohner Instructor 32, which I believe is the same as the Student 32, and it’s a little worse than average in its venting. I once experimented on a Suzuki Study 32 (similar level melodica) that didn’t vent well, and the experiment was a success. It eliminated the problem.

    Melodica Tracheotomy

    I haven’t taken the Hohner Student 32 apart, so I don’t know if the same procedure can be done on it. If you can’t get no satisfaction with this Hohner, though, I’d suggest trying a Yamaha P-32D or a Suzuki M-32C. They cost a bit more, each about $70 U.S., but they’re well worth it.


    Hi Alan! Thanks for explanations! Probably you are right – the air goes with significant resistance when the button is pressed – less freely compared to when any key is played. I will try to investigate this issue deeper and write back about the results. Thanks a lot!


    Update: I disassembled my melodica and performed surgery proposed by Alan. Really, the air now goes far easier when vent button is depressed – btw. I feel bit lost in English here trying to understand the difference between “pressed” and “depressed” 🙂

    Now some condensation could be blown out through the hole near the button, however still far more could be shaken out (and yet significant amount could be seen inside on the plates when disassembled) – so probably it is just less or more normal (as someone at music.stackexchange proposed) for this instrument.

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