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    For those of you who may have missed the email from Dropbox–and as general information for Melodica World readers–you should be aware that links to DropBox’s Public folder in your posts will be broken at the end of the month. Here is part of the email I received from Dropbox several days ago.

    “This is a reminder that your Public folder links will become inactive on September 1. On that date, your Public folder will become a standard Dropbox folder, and your files will remain safe in your account. If you want to share those files again, you’ll need to use shared links instead.”

    I believe this means that any photos or recordings you posted via a link to your Dropbox Public folder will no longer be functional.

    For me, that means that the great majority of photos and recordings I posted here and elsewhere on the internet will no longer be visible to readers. Fortunately, many of my important recordings are on Soundcloud and will remain active.

    I am not too happy with Dropbox.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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