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    Hello, Everyone!
    At last I bought wooden melodica, which should sound close to accordion 🙂
    And it costed me not $3000 but 30 Euro with delivery 🙂
    However it is little bit does not work 🙂
    So please guide me how can I fix it, if you able to.

    The photos are here:

    So problem is very simple: when I blow air goes out somewhere 🙂
    I found that on photo 0869, some caps (sorry don’t know proper name), which close holes, are moved away and didn’t close the holes. Now it look look little bit better.
    However air goes out anyway. I suspect that those plastic leaves on 0872 must be cover the reeds on another side (I hope you understand that I am saying). Am I right?


    Hi Max, well done on your find! I have one of these on my living room shelf. This instrument was marketed under a few names, Rosetti, Monika, Lorenzo, and like yours, can also be found nameless.

    There’s a thread here you can read, by Alan, for more info .

    I think the bottomline is, don’t suck, and not easy to restore…


    Thank you very much Daren! I found the problem! So block of the reeds is removable, as was written in the thread which you sent, and it wasn’t attached tightly. So air went out between the block and the panel with holes, which covered by caps. I make it tightly connected and everything works now!

    So, as I understand, you don’t need to learn Circular Breathing for this melodica to play smoothly, as it gives sound when you inhail. But it is little bit weird to play in that way 😉

    I don’t think that tube and reed plates are made from zinc.

    The construction of melodica is very smart. The reeds are very clean, compare with, for example, old hohner which I have. I don’t know maybe it because moister partially absorbed by wood.

    I will probably, stick with the scotch those plastic cover for inhale reed, as the give small leakage anyway and I don’t play inhail.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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