Can’t find the melodica database!

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    James Beattie

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here, and (fairly) new to melodicas – my mum had one of the early Hohner green and white ones back in the 1960s, which I noodled on occasionally. I’m now getting serious about buying my first instrument, and have watched quite a few of Daren’s excellent videos on Youtube, as well as reviews and performances by numerous others.

    Being somewhat nerdy, and feeling overwhelmed by the many options available, I was thinking of putting together an Excel spreadsheet of the main contenders for my first (and possibly second, third…) purchases, but just came across mention of a database of reviews of melodicas in these forums. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link to the database, it just took me to a regular series of more than 1,800 forum posts, starting with one about nano-coating reeds. Is this chain of posts the database? Or is my browser messing with me, and there’s an actual database somewhere in the chain of messages? If no one has actually started compiling a database/spreadsheet of instruments, with brand names, model numbers, current pricing, number of keys, current availability, other features, etc., perhaps that’s something I can start in my spare time and share it here? Would anyone else be interested in that, and perhaps even contributing to it?

    Many thanks – I’m looking forward to my melodica adventure! I also have a couple of other specific questions about melodicas, which I’ll post separately from this.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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