Between a green Hohner Soprano with buttons and a 37 piano keys

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    Maybe a year ago I saw a melodica in a jazz concert, and I liked. It was red with buttons instead of keys.
    Yesterday I saw in a YouTube video one with piano keys, and then I learned that both of them are the same kind of instruments.

    It could be fun to learn how to play it.

    Which one is easier to learn and to play?

    I play a little (very little) the piano, but I think the keys on the melodica are like half of the size of the real piano, isn’t it? Then, are better the buttons or the keys?

    I think the green one is easy to handle… similar to a clarinet (that I have never played anyway)

    I have seen in Amazon a Mugig (Swan) for only 20 euros with 37 keys.
    I have seen the green one with buttons for 25 euros (second hand).

    Which one do you recommend me?
    Is it Swan a good brand or is it only a toy?

    The green one is washable? Or will it rust with water? I read about sink it in water (maybe with vinegar) for some hours… Sure?

    Thank you.


    Alan Brinton

    Hi, Javi.

    You will probably find a piano key style melodica easier to play as a starter instrument. The inexpensive brands such as Swan are all made in China, and among those there does not seem to be much difference. I suggest starting with an inexpensive 32 key model. Serious music can be played on it, so no need to think of it as a toy. Then, if you get into it and are having some success, think about moving up to a more expensive model with the number of keys you want. A lot of us recommend models such as the Suzuki M-32C or M-37C or the Yamaha P-32D or E or P-37D. Those are not made in China, but the cheaper Chinese models are fine to begin with.

    It is hard to predict whether an older button model will have good sound and play well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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