accordina separate reed plates for custom melodicas

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    Does anyone have information on the weight in grams of a single reed separate reed plate made by Binci in Italy?
    Separate Binci accordina reed plates are used for making accordinas in France.

    I’m trying to find information on how much weight would be 30 of those accordina reed plates.
    Compared to the weight of cutting up the 2 (16 reeds x 2 plates) plates inside a Hohner Student 32 plastic melodica.

    The sound of the accordina reeds would be probably superior, but what is the comparison of air use between melodica reeds and accordina reeds?

    I like separate individual reed plates over the usual melodica reed plates (all reeds on 1 plate), because these would give you absolute freedom in designing new layouts for new melodica types.

    If you use the usual melodica reed plates, one is bound to follow the order preset by the factory.

    Individual reed plates per reed open up new possibilities for creating customised mouth harmonica layouts and melodica layouts.
    Did anyone ever tried to make new melodicas using individual reed plates?


    Vibrandoneon, Eolina, Hohner Pro36, Clavietta, Silvertone are all melodicas utilising individual reed plates. Though they use them all in the standard way

    From my experience, there isn’t much difference required to power a Binci melodica reed, compared to a standard multi plate. They’re normally mounted in vast reed chambers, which can make it more difficult to power with the breath.

    I have some Bincis here, but don’t have any scales unfortunately!

    You could try designing for both types of reed simultaneously – just make sure you have 10mm width and 37mm height per reed…


    Thank’s for your ideas.
    The Binci accordina reed plates look fine, I received a photo. They are quite small.

    The “wind chest” should be kept as small as possible, to economise on breath.
    The individual reed chambers, we also think in keeping these small, we had a look at the plastic Hohner Student 32 tone chambers, but we still have a lot of thinking to do about this point.

    Mabye we’ll start a test with a cheap cut up Hohner plastic melodica. And keep the accordina reeds for the 2nd trial.

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