6 months progress in learning melodica

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    I want to share my progress in learning music and particularly playing melodica. In Feb 2020 I didn’t know how to find note DO on piano keyboard and though that there is only 7 notes 😉 Coronovirus gave me some opportunity and time to learn music, which I wanted to learn for a long time. And now after 6 months I recorded my first composition 😉 : https://youtu.be/sQLrhgJcZZ0 🙂
    I want to thank this web site and all people who shared their knowledge on it to help other people to learn how to play melodica!


    Well done Max!

    André Sant’Anna

    Good job, Max!

    What do you consider the most important thing to learn about playing the melodica for a beginner?


    Thank you, Andre!

    Well, first it is really depending if you have ANY music background. I mean if you know basic music theory. If you are “blank” like I was 😉 then you starting to learn some basic melodies just by remembering which key to press in which order (without thinking what is the note there 😉

    It very helpful basic melody parsing video like this:

    It shows simultaneously name of the note (like DO, RE, etc) and fingering. So, it helps to remember note name and its location on keyboard. Also, the fingering is quite important to see in the beginning. There is a lot such videos in Turkish ? (but it is not a problem). Later you can use Synthesia parsing video for piano, but in the beginning better use these ones.

    Also, it is quite important to find instrument with voice which you like. After several tests I have strong thoughts that melodica body must be a metal ? or wooden (but wooden gives too soft sound for me). If you are in Europe, you can buy quite cheap old metal Hohners on ebay or new Suzuki. Anyway, it depending which sound you want and you should check many melodica comparison video (on this site lots of links to them) to choose which suits you.

    And the third point, you should find some inspiration from people who plays melodicas professionally, so you can setup kind of goal which you want to reach. Here is good example for me:


    And new song which I learn ?

    Larry Shone


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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