1829 French patent of a melodica like make

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    On this French site, the database of 19th century French patents, one can find the 1829 patent by KAYSER Philippe-Auguste. it is called a “piano éolien”, a sort of Aeolus piano, including a flexible tube like the ones on present melodicas

    If you click on “voir le dossier”, you can read the 13 pages. The last pages show the drawings.

    On the net I have read Charles Wheatstone also made an early form of a melodica like the one by Kayser.
    (He made some variations on his symphonium: horizontal and frontal, vertical and lateral, etcetera etc ) But apparantly he also had his “melodica” patented. But nowhere can I find this patent online.

    Does anyone know where to view this Charles Wheatstone early “melodica” patent ?

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    Thanks for pointing this out Stephen, it looks like the website isn’t working properly with Flash, but there are some details there. Akeo sent this image

    first melodica

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