Reply To: Tuning Standard


Allen, No not at all, I don’t think you need an expensive tuner, but it should be a chromatic tuner. With multiple octaves so you can tune A3 @ 220 A4 @ 440 A5 @ 880 and so on. You may want to vary the intonation between octaves, sometimes it sounds a little thicker than right at the proper vibrations. Tuning a guitar by ear no sweat, tuning a piano with harmonics is talent. My first tuner was a Conn strobe tuner that I used to tune my Fender Rhodes, it was a work horse for years then one day it was off and even after servicing it, it was never the same. A pro tuner cost thousands I’m talking a korg cromatic with a VU type meter and not a LED type light. Much easier to use.

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