Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon


WOW, thanks a lot, it really looks fantastic! But man, it’s large and heavy (and that’s just the small model, I hope it’s a mistake!), look at this:

Seems to be a real hybrid between the old models of Eolina and Vibrandoneon (Vibrandoneon mouthpiece plus Eolina hand strap, perhaps this makes it easier to hold).

They have an order form on this site where you can choose between different tunings – very good, in my opinion a melodica should be tuned a little higher than 440Hz because depending on the blowing pressure it may sound lower anyway (my Vibrandoneon is tuned 442 and that’s great for playing together with 440Hz instruments).

I’m looking forward to trying out that black treasure.

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