Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon


Hello Quetscher, my Vibrandoneon was pretty dirty inside, I had not opened it for some time. There was no warpage in the wood but there was a small sign of mold in two areas, (1) approx. 30mm square, close to the moisture relief holes and (1) approx. 20 MM square next to the blow pipe connector interior chamber. These were removed with a little bleach then dried and a lacquer sealer was applied. There was a small leak caused by one of the reeds that needed to be re-seated just like an accordion. They brushed the interior clean and installed a new gasket seal. Replaced (1) reed that would not stay in tune, and tuned all the reeds to 440. The over all tuning was ok but between octaves there was some adjustments needed. The last thing i wanted was a faster action so they worked on the tensioners so it would allow for a faster response. Granted nowhere near the action of my Hammond Melodions but the difference was day and night. The Vibrandoneon has worked perfect since the repairs and I have no complaints to this date. The overall cost was $470.00 US dollars. By the way I live in the Los Angeles area in California and you would think that there would be many accordion repair shops here but there was only one near me that specialized in repairs, and they had a long waiting list. I was fortunate that the owner was very interested in my Vibrandoneon and moved me up the list because I had a session and needed it in a week. I hope this Helps you.


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