Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon

Jerry Ballard

Yeah, I do the Satchmo towel bit.
I’m ordering a couple of miniature laptop fans, and opening mine up to see how much room I have to install. Thinking that if I drill a couple of very tiny holes through the case (that the insulated wires would seal) I can attach a battery or even a usb connector to the fan from the outside, and just flip on the fan to blow air across the reeds down to the vent holes.
I’m just ramping my playing back up. Approaching retirement, and will have the luxury of being able to just play for fun. Probably woodshed at Berkeley Jazz school to get my chops back together and to meet some people. Not having to make $$ is an artistically liberating place to be coming from.
That’s the theory anyway. 🙂
Maybe even do a little recording with my Vibrandoneon and Chapman Stick.

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