Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon


Excellent, a Californian with a Vibrandoneon, I work in Pasadena and live in the Hacienda Heights. I will actually be in Oakland on May 17th for my nieces Graduation from Mills Collage. If you have not opened your Vibrandoneon in a while, when you do you will find a bit of a surprise as moisture stays in the wood and may start to create mold, thats why you want to air it out when you can. I just had mine serviced and well it was not pretty, after several months of not opening it. You can have a Brass instrument repair shop install a spit valve if you really need one. I usually just pull it off slightly and blow into a towel not as bad as just blowing spit out and have a musician you have never met before kinda look at you down his nose. Do you perform with your Vibrandoneon much?


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