Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon


Welcome Jerry,

I will try to answer as many of your questions from your first post as I can.

1. As Melodica-me already said, BB is an established manufacturer of accordions, maybe not as known as Victoria but nevertheless high quality. I have been surfing many german accordion forums but unfortunately there is no head-to-head comparison between Victoria and BB. There are some complaints about the loud bass mechanics of the Victoria accordions, and some people don’t like the bass sound of the BB’S, but that seems to be complaining about first world problems…
2. Actually the “W” refers to a wooden model. I’m very curious if they will also build the big models with a metal case, that’s what I hope just like Melodica-me.
3. There’s everything said by Melodica-me; I personally prefer a higher tuning, but there have been many discussions about that topic on the forum.
4. As far as I understood they will build instruments with two sets of reeds, one for blowing, one for sucking, which can’t be used simultaneously, but I may be wrong…
5. Let me have a guess: you can choose the tuning and maybe the kind of wood for the Vibrandoneon, everything else seems to be reserved for accordions.
6. The old big Eolina cost about 2.200,-€; I have been offered a simple version of the Eolina (resembling the little “new” Vibrandoneon) some two years ago for about 1500,-€. So this may be the price range.
7. A german retailer says fall 2014 on his homepage, but honestly I don’t think that’s reliable.

Greetings, Quetscher

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