Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon

Jerry Ballard

Thanks! I live just north of San Francisco.
I think the smaller wooden model would be my choice, but I have a lot to learn before spending what will no doubt be quite a bit of money. Still, it will be nice having a backup instrument.
I’m not in a rush, so ideally, when we visit Italy in the summer of next year for our daughter’s graduation present, I could swing by the Bruni factory to pick it up.
Hopefully they will incorporate some of the recommendations from this thread.
I don’t play long enough stretches to have noticed problems with moisture taking my Vibrandoneon out of tune. Have you had that issue?
I really want the goose neck tube with the built in spit valve. Having to unscrew the ‘s’ shaped on and discreetly drain is an annoyance.
I’m looking for a tiny enclosed fan that I can connect to one of the air vent holes to push more air through for drying. May have to fabricate one myself somehow.

All I know is that the Vibrandoneon is in a class by itself when it comes to quality of sound. All others sound like toys, while the Victoria sounds fully like an accordion.

Please post any updates you hear from the new manufacturer as you get them.

thanks for the welcome!

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