Reply To: The new "Ballone Burini" Vibrandoneon


Hello Jerry, welcome to the forum. In reading Ballone Burini’s website they have been around since 1920 but are fairly new to the Vibrandoneon. The Victoria Vibrandoneon that you have is the true Vibrandoneon, Ballone Burini purchased the rights to the name “Vibrandoneon” the Vibrandoneon that they are selling is the revamped Eolina with the Vibrandoneon name on it. They offer a Plastic model and a wood model with button and piano keys, I personally am interested in the plastic version with the larger keyboard. I have the original Vibrandoneon with (2) valves all wood and have issues with the moisture as I am sure you have with yours since they all do. They were to release the Vibrandoneon BB, in February but have only released the picture I posted a couple of months ago. No cost as of yet, and no release date has been given. I have sent several email but no response, hopefully this is not how they do business once the product is out. The tuning of 440, 441 and 442 is common in accordions some like to tune a bit higher when performing with other instruments, I have all my Melodions and Melodicas and Vibrandoneon’s tuned 440 for recording, since I am usually added after the track has been recorded so I need to be in tune with the track. Where are you located.

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