Reply To: Sound Comparison of Four Melodicas


I think the Cassotto could benefit from a bit of EQ in actual use. It is kind of a haunting tone. The soprano cassotto, which I did not play on the recording, might be a better choice in many instances than the alto.

To answer your question Alan, my band rehearsed yesterday with a new drummer and with me playing melodica 100 percent (no organ). I tried something new and the tone was really thin, and I could hardly be heard over the other instruments. The drummer decided not to join the band, and I decided to leave the band as we were not progressing as fast as I wanted to make progress. So I am starting again from square one, but that could be good. I think a duo, trio, or quartet doing acoustic or semi acoustic blues/Americana is maybe a better spot for the melodica. Like the early days of harp playing.

Anyway, I will still post a couple clips with me playing with backing tracks to demonstrate some additional techniques and the sound I developed. It may take a bit longer as I spent most of the day today changing direction and setting up my rig again.


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