Reply To: Sound Comparison of Four Melodicas

Alan Brinton

I would say the Cassotto has a muted sound, and that it could work well where you would play a muted trumpet, but that generally it could work well with acoustic blues or other acoustic music that’s played simply. But I’m commenting strictly as a listener. For some reason the great Canned Heat song “Goin’ up the Country” comes to mind.

The distinctiveness of each of the four melodicas comes through clearly. Great comparison. The Yamaha fares well and has the most clarity.

You certainly are accomplishing what you set out to do, Lowboy. How much are you including melodicas in your gigs? Two of my brothers are not far from you in the Berkshires. Maybe they’ll get by to see your band sometime. One recently acquired a melodica, the Yamaha P-32C.

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