Reply To: Simona Melodica


So my Bandmaster Melodica/Harmonika came in this week and I have given it the old bench test, well sort of. This little pocket rocket is a lot of fun and is as loud as my Hohner Piano 36. It’s tone is a bit on the horn-harmonica/melodica side. The response is a bit slow but I was not expecting a super fast response since it was only $39 bucks. It comes with a vinyl case and two mouth pieces, trumpet and straight. The one thing that I found a bit different from other melodicas is that unless the mouth piece is inserted in the hole it will not play, you can’t even blow enough air in it to blow the moisture out. Like most of the melodicas I get, I tend to play them until I get tired and then move on, this one is fun so I keep it on my coffee table and pick it up when I feel like playing a little and don’t feel like going to the music room upstairs. This is definately a intermediate player melodica. One last thing when I unwrapped it it had a sort of film on the tolex finish the same kind that you find on your typical amplifier after it’s been sitting around for a few years. It could be that this is new old stock and it probably has been sitting around for a long time.

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