Reply To: Reed Plates

Alan Brinton

Those plates are for the Mylodica, Kevin, but you raise the interesting possibility that some different brands of melodica may share plates made by a common supplier. Yamaha advertises that its plate are corrosion resistant, and I know from dissembling mine that the plates are barely discolored after a year of frequent use, which is not typical. So it seems unlikely that the Yamaha plates are interchangeable with those of other brands. You can see photos of the plates on my 32D at Amazon href=”″>

and it’s also illustrated in Troy’s photo. The pinkish surface in his middle photo is what I referred to as a gasket. It can be lifted off, and appears to have been very lightly glued.

I had already viewed your video a few days ago, which I thought was excellent, and I left a comment.

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