Reply To: New member intro plusHohner HM-36 in Bristol


Hello Bill, welcome to the forum. Not looking for another Hohner but good to know. The Clavietta has a great sound but you will definately want to pick up a second one for parts. I am curious about your comment about the sound of your Suzukie Pro37? What is it that you don’t like. I own many Melodicas but do not own that one. I do own both Hammond melodions which are made by Suzuki of which I like both. One main reason I own many melodicas is that depending on the tune or melody (not genres) one can sound beautiful and one can sound terrible. I play jazz and often when I learn a new tune I may go through all my melodicas until I find the right one that works with that specific tune. I think I may purchase a Pro37 just to see what everyone hates about it LOL. In regards to the Hohner, the piano is a good melodica especially if its new old stock. If the flaws are cosmetic no big deal.
Once again welcome to the forum.

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