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Alan Brinton

I’m still not seeing the link, Quetscher.

I own a soprano Mylodica, and I just took it apart. I suspected that it contained the works of a Suzuki S-32C, and that seems to be confirmed by comparison with my M-32C. I don’t have an S-32C, and I haven’t yet disassmbled my M-32C, but I could already see that the tube into which the mouthpiece inserts looks the same. Through the vents on the M-32C, I can see that the bottom cover of the inside of the melodica is the same kind and color of plastic, an ivory color. The dimensions of the keys are the same, and both keyboards have an identifal “C” embossed into the bottom C in exactly the same position. Sherlock Holmes would surely say “It’s elementary, my dear Watson” at this point, at least that it’s a soprano melodion made by Suzuki. Also, the white felt strip along the front of the keyboards looks identical. And my Mylodica came in a Suzuki S-32C case, into which is barely fits. So our wooden enclosure costs about 200 bucks. I see that the S-32C is now under $100 at Amazon.

The wizard behind the curtain slid out easily after the two Robertson bolts on the end cover were loosened. This is the easist melodica in the world to take apart. Once it’s out of the enclosure, this melodica is much easier to play (ergonomically) and is noticeably louder. I’ll have to examine my M-32C to have a clearer understanding of this, but some plastic has been somewhat crudely sawed off where the air would vent out through a spit valve, and a wad of blue-green material is plugging the exit tube and pushes up against a felt (?) square glued onto the end cover. Possibly if you blew hard while it’s disassembled without pressing any keys, the wad would be expelled.

I think I like this melodica better now that it has been released from captivity. I’ll play it like this for a while and then put the thing back together, because it sure looks good that way. But the wooden enclosure weights 549 grams, while the Suzuki insert comes in at 513 grams. I notice now that the bare naked melodica has “M-32C2” on the bottom, which seems to seal the deal: this must be the soprano version of the alto M-32C, which I suppose might or might not be the same as the S-32C.

I said in another thread that I was thinking of trying to mount an alto in the Mylodica housing. I might still, but the alto would have to be disfigured in the process.

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